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AnnenBlog was created by 4 Annenberg Communication Management graduate students, David, Eddie, Johanna and Tze Wei, who felt the need to to create a site that would connect to other grad students with each other. To compare notes on savvy career moves, course overload or navigating through Los Angeles lifestyle.

From Nov 05, AnnenBlog joined forces with ASCMA - The Annenberg School for Communication Masters Association - in order to better nurture the AnnenBlog community and ensure that it becomes exactly what we want and need - THE premier online resource for Annenberg grad students to vent, rant, share ideas, distribute information, and....generally come together, about any and all issues we care about. Stay tuned, and better yet - join, and participate!


Interested in figuring out the following: **Courses at Annenberg ** Internship or Job Leads **How do courses Annenberg translate into the work world? **Which LA neighborhoods are best